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"We are not after compiling charts or graphs, mapping processes or installing a system. Our aim is measurable improvement in chosen indicators."

Martin Kostič, Director

EMARK has been aiding people and organisations since 2000 to make success in the form of higher revenues, lower costs, streamlined cash flows, better ROI, time savings, better corporate dynamics and faster and more targeted change by helping them to "unlock" the potential of their corporate information, processes and people using top-end management software tools and meaningful consultancy.

Our customers include a number of innovative and well-known players from different branches such as finances, trade and sales, manufacturing, telecommunications, the building industry, services, utilities and transportation, government and public administration, healthcare and many more...

We helped make quantifiable progress and revolutionize output of near 200 clients already, including:

A Base for Know-How, Expertise and Experience

Over years of using different software tools in ambitious consultancy and implementation projects, we have made a wealth of practical experience and designed a number of ready-made models, methods, procedures and approaches and ways of their integration with corporate internal processes in many different branches with different corporate cultures. And, the experience is carried by a team of committed and competent professionals who first and foremost make a genuine effort to get insight into your current situation and your needs and aims on which only in step two, a suitable solution is built that makes effective use of cutting-edge software tools.


"First we make sure to properly understand your current situation and your needs and aims on which only in step two, a suitable solution is built that makes effective use of cutting-edge software tools and latest knowledge."
Ondrej Javorka, Partner

We understand you

We will show you how to tailor solutions precisely to your needs. Get ready to discuss your needs with us, hear ideas and learn what is important for your next growth and development. We shall nurture and forward your vision from start to finish.

We are up to the hardest tasks

You will meet a team of certified professionals. You will get ideas that matter from people with practical experience in your branch. We crack even the hardest methodical and technical tasks. What your benefit from is our unique expertise.

It’s simple: we save your time and costs

We meet project deadlines and budgets, and you can stop a project at any time to validate its status and results. No waste of funds and effort. We proactively detect and deal with the risks of your project. And you get measurable ROI and success measures for your project.

We get the results

Your projects will be focused on measurable results right from the start. And in using the systems you obtain, you will not be dependent on us in any way. The solutions will work and inspire your trust and confidence and you will be their owner and user from day one. They will make your work easier, help you reach your aims and you will be able to continue developing the solutions as needed. This is not least why return on investment for our systems and designs not seldom is measured in months (!) and makes us beat in many a case IT firms in the market that specifically via customer support and service and extensive in-training for users often continue to 'milk' their clients hard.

We talk as partners

We talk straight, frank and open. We base cooperation on the principles of partnership and productivity. Our approach is an active one, be it in project management, output processing or tending to any emergent problems.


We EMARK enthusiasts do look forward to meeting you and helping you out;)


We are the first, biggest and best experienced partner of QlikView in Slovakia – all since 2009!

EMARK has been servicing Slovakia since 2009 in its role as the first, biggest and best experienced authorised partner of the fastest growing Business Intelligence tool worldwide - QlikView. QlikView is a revolutionary Business Discovery platform that will change your view on reporting, analyses and the use of corporate information. It enables everyone in the organisation to use data very fast, anytime and anyplace. The platform has more than 400,000 users in over 100 countries worldwide. Credit to its unique functionality and revolutionary approach, it has been consistently ahead in various independent global surveys (BARC, I.D.C. Survey...); Gartner puts the platform among the leaders in Business Intelligence. ..

NPrinting as QlikView Add-On: Useful Reporting for Everyone

As a QlikView add-on, we use Nprinting. The tool sustains automated creation of QlikView reports to any template in MS Excel or .pdf and distribution thereof to any number of users.




QPR Software for Better Process and Output Control
Since 2004 we have been a partner of the QPR Software family of tools. With QPR ProcessDesigner, you can map processes fast, identify and eliminate any weaknesses and give everyone all the information they need for their work. Apart from modelling processes, you can also generate them from available data, thus getting invaluable feedback on how the processes REALLY work in real life. With QPR Metrics you can also model strategic objective, strategic maps, KPIs, schemes, plans and initiatives, break them down to any number of lower levels, get feedback from people and assess target compliance status with a view to current status or current trends while using any method of choice - Balanced Score Card, Six Sigma and so on. QPR Software has more than 1500 customers worldwide and has garnered a number of accolades (for instance Ventana Research), being acknowledged by Gartner as "innovator".

CostPerform as the Top Pick for Activity-Based Costing

Since 2004 we have been in partnership with QPR CostControl whose CostPerform is a tool for better identification of actual cost of products, goods, services, customers, sales channels or processes. The tool uses the well-known Activity-Based Costing/Management methodology. Its key strength among many others is that it facilitates both simple and comprehensive costing analyses (such as LRIC in telecommunications with any number of allocation levels). It is used by major players worldwide and in Slovakia.


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